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Introducing the Dr Life Vortex Water Optimizer: A revolutionary water optimzier that is easy on your wallet and great for your health. Watch your business grow with Earth Trade Water: Your #1 source for wholesale water products. A Drinking Water Breakthrough! - Space age technology meets alkalizing media to make the benefits alkaline  water available in a pitcher.

How Earth Trade Water can help your business grow.

Consumer demand

US demand for water purification products is expected to grow by 5.2% per year.

You can make 40 - 50% profits per sale with our water-wise products in a market where demand is going up!

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A Wide Range of Products

Carry the largest line of water treatment products in the industry!

We make everything from pitchers and water ionizers for home use, to hard water solutions, vending machines and commercial water treatment systems.

With EarthTrade, you can offer products to fill every need.

International Distribution

Go Global! EarthTrade has offices in USA, Canada, UK/Europe, Russia, Australia, and South Africa to support our international network of dealers.

Take advantage of our international distribution to reach the worldwide market for water treatment products.

Life Water Stores

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LIFE 9200

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Pitcher of Life™

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Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System

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Life Water Optimizer