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LIFE 9200

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List Price: $3,597.00

Retail Price: $2,997.00

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Our very best! The LIFE 9200 boasts the same great features (386 watts & 9 large plates) as the counter top LIFE 9100 and in a space saving and aesthetically pleasing under counter version! With the LIFE 9200, all functions, modes, and settings are controlled by a beautiful and easy to use faucet installed on your counter top.

The 9200 is designed to be easy to use with simple faucet-mounted controls, large, easy to read LED display, and convenient access to filters through the front sliding filter door. The 9200 is convertible – it can be set up for counter top or under counter use – useful if you want to take your ionizer with you when you travel! The 9200 gives you the option of choosing either flat or Mesh plates, and LIFE Ionizer-exclusive options such as UV Light Disinfection and Energy Frequency Technology. Our flagship 9200 ionizer comes standard with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor.


  • Generates the highest amount of anti-oxidant power at a daily drinking pH levels
  • Makes alkaline water with up to 11+ pH and antioxidant –ORP levels up to -813
  • Can be converted to work under counter or on the counter top
  • Free Custom pre-filtration to give you with the cleanest and healthiest water available!
  • Our most powerful system with 386 watts and 9 large plates
  • Guaranteed for life with our LIFEtime warranty on parts and labor!