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Pitcher of Life

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Our Pitcher of LIFE™ uses technology developed for NASA to filter harmful substances while improving pH and adding beneficial minerals.

Brings your Water to Life:

The “Pitcher of LIFE” filters out harmful substances, and then adds Calcium and Magnesium to water so you get important minerals in every glass! Once minerals are added, the Pitcher of LIFE makes them highly bioavailable to you by raising the pH of the water to a range of about 9 to 10 which studies show improves mineral absorption in the body. The water is also charged with Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) – antioxidant hydroxyl ions which can neutralize free radicals that damage DNA.

Tastes Great

The pitcher’s filter has been tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories for reduction in chlorine, as well as taste, and odor removal. IMPORTANT: USE COLD WATER ONLY – Designed for use with Microbiologically safe water only.

The Pitcher of LIFE comes with a 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship excluding the filter.


  • Chlorine
  • Improves:

  • Odor/Taste
  • This media has been tested for chlorine, taste, and odor removal

Cleaning and Maintaining

For sanitary reasons, It’s a good idea to wash out the pitcher every 14-20 days to keep the minerals produced by the pitcher’s solution to a minimum. If your pitcher has not been washed within the past 20-30 days, and you can taste or see mineral buildup, it’s a good idea to flush the pitcher with white vinegar.

Hydrate the filter before first use, and again if it is left unused for 7-14 days.

**During normal use, you may notice a small number of fine black particles in the water; these particles are called carbon fines. All Granular Activated Carbon filters (GAC) will release a small amount of carbon fines during use. Carbon fines are safe to consume, they are made of charcoal, which is used medicinally to absorb toxic material from the body.

“I have purchased 4 so far for friends and Family! Review by Laura C. Berendson

I was a Brita pitcher user and discovered Pitcher of Life from Life Ionizers and am a convert to a pitcher that is easier to lift and that has the smoothest water I have ever tasted. There is a difference.”