Welcome to the EarthTrade Members Program!
Join us in our mission to champion Eco-Friendly living and Sustainability. As a member of our income generating Program, you're earning commissions, and you're contributing to a healthier Planet by promoting high-quality, environmentally friendly products. For over 28 years, EarthTrade has been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, dedicated to offering Solutions that make a real difference.

Why Partner with EarthTrade?

Unmatched Product Excellence

Environmentally Friendly Solutions: Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our product range, designed to offer sustainable alternatives to traditional options.
High-Quality Ingredients:  Only the finest ingredients and materials make it into our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. We design and formulate many of our products here in Hawaii and manufacture them on our 25-acre Organic Farm in the good ole’ USA..
Innovative Technologies: From advanced water purification systems to organic soil amendments, our products leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior results without compromising environmental integrity.
Competitive Pricing: We believe in making sustainable living accessible, offering our high-quality products at “Manufacturer to You” competitive prices.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your audience’s satisfaction is our priority, backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all EarthTrade products.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up: Begin by filling out our simple registration form to join our Affiliate Program.
  2. Promote: Access a wide range of marketing materials to share across your digital platforms, engaging your audience with EarthTrade’s sustainable solutions.
  3. Earn: Enjoy earning commissions for each sale made through your unique affiliate link, with our system tracking subsequent purchases for ongoing revenue.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Join the EarthTrade Members Program today and be part of a Community dedicated to promoting a Sustainable Future. Your efforts contribute to a greener Planet but also offer a lucrative opportunity to benefit from partnering with a leader in Eco-Friendly Solutions.

Exceptional Member Benefits

  1. Generous Commission: Earn a significant 21% commission, with special considerations for Non-profits aimed at fundraising and Planet betterment.
  2. Continuous Earnings: Benefit from our advanced “Start to Finish”™ tracking system, ensuring you earn commissions on repeat purchases from customers you refer.
  3. Extensive Marketing Support: Access a rich collection of promotional tools, from high-quality graphics and branded videos to customizable email templates and social media story templates, designed to engage and convert. See our Marketing Materials” section.
  4. Diverse Product Range: Promote a wide array of Eco-Friendly products, from water purification systems to cleaning solutions and organic gardening amendments.
  5. Trusted Brand: Align with EarthTrade, a Brand with over 28 years of experience in delivering environmentally friendly solutions.

Join Our EarthTrade Member's Program Today!

To effectively engage affiliates, retail accounts, Non-profits, and Influencers on platforms like FaceBook, TikTok, other social media, websites, and more providing a diverse set of marketing materials is key. These materials make it easier for our Partners to promote our products and also ensure that the content aligns with our Brand’s image and message.

Program Benefits

At EarthTrade, we’re about more than designing and manufacturing Eco-friendly products; we’re about creating a movement toward a healthier Planet. By Partnering with us, you’ll be at the forefront of promoting Eco-friendly and sustainable living. Here’s what our Members, including Affiliates, Influencers, Non-profits, and wholesale accounts, can expect

Generous Commission

Earn a Hefty 21% Commission: One of the highest in the industry, our generous commission rate is designed to reward you for your efforts and ensure a profitable partnership. For Non-profits it provides and Opportunity to raise funds and Create a Better Planet!

Continuous Revenue Stream

Smart Tracking with EarthTrade: We meticulously track purchases made by your customers, creating continuous revenue streams for you. Once a customer is referred by you, you keep earning from their purchases, fostering a long-term beneficial relationship.

Highest Quality Eco-Friendly Products

Promote Products You Believe In: Our Eco-Friendly products are more than just good for the environment; they're also of the highest quality, offering significant benefits to users and contributing to a healthier Planet.

Marketing Support

We provide an extensive library of promotional materials to ensure you have everything you need to succeed:

Promotional Graphics

High-quality, visually appealing images suitable for various social media formats.

Customizable Email Templates

Pre-written, easily personalized emails to engage your mailing list effectively.

Branded Videos

Short, engaging videos demonstrating our products in action, perfect for sharing the lifestyle and benefits associated with our eco-friendly solutions.

Product Samples

Get firsthand experience with our products, enabling you to authentically promote and demonstrate their value. Apply online for these.

Discount Codes and Affiliate Links

Personalize your promotions with discount codes and track your success with Member Links.

Social Media Story Templates

Engaging templates for FaceBook, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or TikTok, designed to captivate and convert.


Easily digestible, informative infographics that highlight our products' benefits and usage.

Content Guides or Scripts

Maintain a consistent and compelling message across all channels with our provided outlines and scripts.

Hashtags and Social Media Handles

Amplify your reach and engagement with our curated list of hashtags and social media profiles.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Guidelines

Enhance authenticity by sharing your personal experiences with our products, guided by our UGC best practices.

FAQs and Key Product Points

Arm yourself with all the essential product information and answers to common questions to ensure accurate representation.

Interactive Content

Increase brand interaction with polls, contests, quizzes, and more, designed to engage and entertain your audience.