Alkaline Water PITCHER OF LIFE® Improved 2024 - Super Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

  • Enhanced Health and Well-being: Transforms tap water into alkaline mineral water with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5, known for over 40 health benefits like improved hydration, cellular detoxification, and many more.
  • New Improved Design: The original innovator in alkaline water pitchers, now with a 3.8-liter capacity and a 2-liter filtering capability in the latest model.
  • Advanced Filter Technology: The 6-stage filter cartridge removes heavy metals, chlorine, and many more while adding beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Effective Contaminant Removal: Ensures safer and healthier drinking water by removing many contaminants.
  • Enjoy Cleaner Drinking Water: Offers cleaner and purer drinking water, with additional health benefits from the alkalizer.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Built Better™ Backed by a lifetime guarantee, underscoring the high quality of materials used

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Pitcher of Life Promotional Graphics

Pitcher of Life Infographics

Pitcher of Life Content Guides or Scripts

Script for Influencers

“Hey everyone, it’s [Your Name] here! Today, I’m super excited to talk to you about a hydration revolution – Pitcher of Life Purifiers!  Are you ready to up your hydration game and improve your health? Let’s dive in!”

First off, let’s talk about why hydration matters. Did you know that proper hydration isn’t just about drinking water? It’s about fueling your body with clean, healthy Alkaline water packed with essential minerals. And that’s where Pitcher of Life comes in!”

Alkaline water offers scientifically proven over 40 health benefits. With its ability to balance pH levels and provide better hydration, alkaline water supports detoxification, digestive health, and immune function. Alkaline water, having a higher concentration of OH- (hydroxide) ions, could hydrate aquaporins (the water channels in cell membranes) more efficiently.

The negatively charged alkaline water molecules hydrate the cells much more effectively and attach to toxins in the cells and flush them out through the liver. The discovery of “Aquaporins,” the proteins pathways in all of the trillions of cells within the body, was validated by a Nobel Prize in 2003.

Packed with essential minerals, it enhances energy levels, supports bone health, and promotes clearer skin. Alkaline water may aid in weight management, improve athletic performance, and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.

Now, let me introduce you to Pitcher of Life’s amazing products. They offer a range of cutting-edge alkaline water purification systems, including countertop purifiers, reverse osmosis generators, and Alkaline water pitchers with the Flower of Life Symbol. It adds a touch of style and healing energy to your water!

Pitcher of Life offers a free Alkaline Beverage Recipe Book. This 119-page book is packed with delicious alternatives to sugary drinks, designed for your health. Head over to the Pitcher of Life website to explore their products and start your journey to better hydration today! Download your “Alkaline Beverage Recipe Book” absolutely free. Invest in your health, one sip at a time!

Thanks for tuning in, everyone! I hope you’re as excited about Pitcher of Life Purifiers as I am. The Pitcher of Life Purifier reduces plastic waste and promotes a healthier planet

User-Generated Content (UGC) Guidelines For Pitcher of Life

Content Guide for Pitcher of Life

Hey, {Platform Name} Family! It’s [Your Name], and today, we’re diving into something groundbreaking. 💦✨ Get ready for a hydration revolution with Pitcher of Life Purifiers! Are you looking to elevate your hydration and wellness journey? Stay tuned!

🚀 Why just hydrate when you can enhance your body with 40 scientifically supported benefits? That’s right! We’re moving beyond plain water to mineral-rich Alkaline water. And who better to guide us than Pitcher of Life?

🌿 Alkaline water is a breakthrough, balancing pH levels and enhancing hydration. Imagine supporting your body’s detox process, digestive health, and immune system with every sip. Thanks to its high OH- ion concentration, alkaline water efficiently hydrates your cells through aquaporins, or water channels, promoting cellular health.

💡 The importance of aquaporins was highlighted by a Nobel Prize in 2003, underscoring the value of effective hydration. But alkaline water doesn’t stop there. It’s infused with essential minerals, boosting energy, supporting bone health, and contributing to clearer skin. It also aids in weight management and athletic performance, while supporting metabolic wellness.

🌺 Now, let’s check out Pitcher of Life’s stylish range. Their alkaline water purification technology includes elegant countertop purifiers, state-of-the-art reverse osmosis systems, and pitchers featuring the healing Flower of Life Symbol. This journey is about more than just water; it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

🎁 Discover the generosity of Pitcher of Life with their FREE Alkaline Beverage Recipe Book. This collection is much more than an ordinary recipe book—it’s 119 pages of recipes designed to transform your health and ditch the sugar. Head to the Pitcher of Life website, download your free copy, and start your journey to optimal hydration and health.

🌍 Celebrate Pitcher of Life Purifiers with me, for more than its contribution to our wellness. It’s also about their dedication to reducing plastic waste and nurturing a healthier planet. Here’s to achieving a healthier you, one alkaline sip at a time!

Thank you for joining me, everyone! Let’s enhance our health journeys with Pitcher of Life. Cheers to enjoying hydration that offers more and benefits that make a real difference. 

Outdoor Version - Family Bonding

Scene: A bustling outdoor picnic or barbecue setting with Families gathered around, featuring the Outdoor Family Pitcher of Life as the centerpiece.

Hey there, Families! It’s [Your Name], and today we’re celebrating togetherness with the Outdoor Family Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Purifier. Because when it comes to hydration, it’s not just about individuals; it’s about nourishing our bonds and creating lasting memories with our loved ones.

[Pouring water into cups for everyone.]

With each pour, we’re not just hydrating our bodies; we’re nurturing our connections, strengthening the ties that bind us together.

[Gesturing towards the pitcher amidst the laughter and chatter.]

And look at this pitcher – it’s not just a vessel; it’s a symbol of family unity, standing tall amidst our shared moments of joy and laughter.

[Raising a cup together.]

But beyond the refreshment it provides, it’s about the stories we share, the laughter we create, and the love that flows freely, just like the water in this pitcher.

[Cheers and smiles all around.]

To family, laughter, and the countless memories we’ll cherish forever. Cheers, everyone!

[End scene.]

Indoor Version - Eco-friendly Family Bonding

Scene: A warm and inviting Family kitchen, with the Pitcher of Life proudly displayed on the countertop, surrounded by cheerful family members.

Hey there, fellow eco-warriors! It’s [Your Name], and I’m thrilled to invite you into our eco-friendly haven, where every choice we make is a step towards a greener, healthier Planet. Today, I want to share with you our Family’s favorite addition to our sustainable lifestyle – the Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Purifier.

[Pouring water into glasses for the family, sharing smiles and laughter.]

This isn’t just any water; it’s a pure elixir of health and vitality. With each sip, we’re not just hydrating; we’re nourishing our bodies with essential minerals and goodness.

[Gesturing towards the pitcher amidst the familial warmth.]

And behold this masterpiece! The Flower of Life design isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature and the importance of preserving it for generations to come.

[Sharing a heartfelt moment with the family, taking a sip.]

But what truly fills our hearts with joy is knowing that every drop we drink from this pitcher is a small yet significant step towards a more sustainable future. With the Pitcher of Life, we’re not just quenching our thirst; we’re nurturing the Planet we call home.

[Looking into the camera with genuine enthusiasm.]

So, to all the families out there who share our passion for health and sustainability, I urge you to make the Pitcher of Life a part of your eco-conscious journey.

[Raising our glasses together, surrounded by love and unity.]

To the well-being of our Families and the Earth we cherish. Cheers to a brighter, greener future! 🌍💚

[End scene.]

Indoor Version - Solo Experience

Scene: A cozy living room with soft lighting, showcasing the Indoor Solo Pitcher of Life on a coffee table.

Hey there, it’s [Your Name]! Today, I’m embracing tranquility with a companion that elevates my hydration game – the Indoor Solo Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Purifier. Hydration isn’t just a routine; it’s a mindful act of self-care, and this pitcher transforms it into a blissful experience.

[Taking a sip from the glass.]

From the first taste, you’ll notice the purity and freshness of the water. It’s not just hydration; it’s a moment of rejuvenation, perfect for those quiet moments of reflection.

[Showing off the pitcher.]

And can we talk about aesthetics? This pitcher isn’t just a tool; it’s a statement piece, blending seamlessly into any indoor sanctuary with its sleek design and calming presence.

[Another sip, savoring the moment.]

But what truly speaks to me is the simplicity of it all. With the Indoor Solo Pitcher of Life, it’s about embracing the beauty of solitude while nurturing your well-being.

[Raising the glass.]

To moments of serenity and the journey within. Cheers!

[End scene.]

Indoor Version - Group Gathering

Scene: A vibrant dining area with friends or Family gathered around, featuring the Indoor Group Pitcher of Life as the centerpiece.

Hey everyone, [Your Name] here! Today, we’re turning hydration into a social affair with the Indoor Group Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Purifier. Because staying hydrated is not just an individual journey; it’s about fostering connections and sharing moments of joy.

[Pouring water into glasses for everyone.]

With each pour, you can feel the sense of community, of coming together to prioritize wellness. And the taste? Pure satisfaction, with every sip brimming with vitality.

[Gesturing towards the pitcher.]

And check out this pitcher – it’s not just functional; it’s a conversation starter, adding a touch of elegance to our gathering.

[Raising a glass together.]

But beyond the aesthetics, it’s about the memories we create and the bonds we strengthen over something as simple and essential as water.

[Cheers and laughter fill the room.]

To friendship, laughter, and the simple joys of togetherness. Cheers, everyone!

[End scene.]

Outdoor Version - Solo Adventure

Scene: A serene outdoor setting, perhaps a backyard or a peaceful park, showcasing the Outdoor Solo Pitcher of Life amidst nature.

Hey, it’s [Your Name]! Today, I’m embracing the great outdoors with my trusty companion – the Outdoor Solo Pitcher of Life Alkaline Water Purifier. Because hydration shouldn’t be confined indoors; it should be an integral part of our outdoor adventures.

[Taking a sip while enjoying the scenery.]

With each sip, you can taste nature’s purity, amplified by the refreshing alkaline goodness of this water. It’s like a rejuvenating oasis in our adventures.

[Admiring the pitcher against the backdrop of nature.]

And can we talk about portability? This pitcher is designed for adventure, with its durable build and ergonomic design, making it the perfect companion for my solo escapades.

[Another sip, feeling invigorated.]

But what truly resonates with me is the sense of freedom it brings – the freedom to explore, to connect with nature, and to nourish my body and soul along the way.

[Raising the glass to nature.]

To boundless adventures and the endless wonders of the great outdoors. Cheers to that!

[End scene.]

FAQ's and Keypoints for Pitcher of Life

Frequently Asked Questions

The Borosilicate Glass Pitcher of Life has a 3.75 capacity and the holding tank (where the filtered,
alkalized water is held, holds 2.5 liters). I tested the prototype for 3 months before we went into production, and it worked fine. I always filled it up again after I poured several glasses of alkaline drinking water. We made some larger versions, but because it is the high quality Borosilicate Glass, the weight for my Wife was a little too much. We modified the final version, that we put into production, by making the glass handle larger, and adding a food-grade, stainless steel underside to the lid.
Healthy Regards

Alkaline water typically stays alkaline for a period of time, but the length of time can vary depending on various factors such as storage conditions and the initial pH level of the water. Generally, alkaline water that is properly stored in a sealed container will retain its pH level for several weeks to a few months, or longer. About a decade ago, I was in a partnership with Dr. Robert O Young, and we bottled alkaline water in a sealed blue glass bottle. We tested it over a year later, and it was still at 9.2 pH.

However, it is important to note that over time, the pH level of alkaline water may gradually decrease as the water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and this is especially true if it is in any type of plastic container.. Therefore, it is recommended to check the pH level of stored alkaline water before consuming it. Your best approach is to generate fresh alkaline water that has antioxidants. Your best approaches to this would be with a Pitcher of Life® alkaline water purifier pitcher. Or you can go with a Life Ionizer which will generate a higher pH and a higher negative Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP).

Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than regular tap water. The pH level is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is, with a pH of 7 being neutral, a pH less than 7 being acidic, and a pH greater than 7 being alkaline. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9, which makes it slightly alkaline. It is often marketed as being healthier than regular water because it can neutralize acid in the body and help balance the body’s pH levels. Some people believe that drinking alkaline water can have a range of health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and increasing energy levels. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Alkaline water filters typically use a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin to filter tap water and raise the pH level to make it more alkaline. The specific process by which alkaline water filters work can vary depending on the make and model of the filter, but generally follows these steps:

  • Filtration: The first stage of the process involves passing tap water through a filter, which is typically made up of activated carbon. This removes impurities and contaminants from the water, such as chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals.  A great alkaline water pitcher will have at least a six (6) layer filtration, alkalization filter.  Some high quality counter top units will have multiple filters. 
  • Ion exchange: After the water has been filtered, it passes through a second stage in which it comes into contact with ion exchange resin. This resin is typically made up of negatively charged ions, such as calcium and magnesium, which attract and bind to positively charged ions in the water, such as hydrogen ions. This process can help to raise the pH level of the water and make it more alkaline.  When you bind extra hydrogen atoms to water, you make H3O, which is an antioxidant – which neutralizes free radicals and slows down aging
  • Mineralization: Some alkaline water filters may also include a third stage in which the water is infused with additional minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, to further increase the alkalinity of the water and add beneficial minerals.

Overall, alkaline water filters work by removing impurities and contaminants from tap water and increasing the pH level to make it more alkaline. The specific process used by each filter can vary, and it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance to ensure optimal filtration performance.

Determining the “best” alkaline water filter depends on several factors, such as the specific needs and preferences of the individual, the quality of the water source, and the budget for the filter. However, here are a few factors to consider when choosing an alkaline water filter:

  • Filtration performance: Look for an alkaline water filter that effectively removes impurities and contaminants from your water source. Many alkaline water filters use a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange resin to filter the water, but the specific type and quality of the filter media can vary.
  • pH level: Consider the pH level that the filter is capable of achieving. Alkaline water filters typically aim to raise the pH level of the water to between 7.5 and 9.5, which is more alkaline than typical tap water. But the pH level will depend on the initial water that is put in the water pitcher.  Well water tends to be acidic, so the alkaline water pitcher will raise the pH, but not to the level you would obtain from city water, which starts out at about 7.0 pH.  Remember this:  well water
    can have many more toxic chemicals that rain water, as well as city water.
  • Mineralization: Some alkaline water filters also add beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, back into the water to enhance its alkalinity and provide additional health benefits.
  • Size and capacity: Consider the size and capacity of the filter to ensure that it meets your needs. Some filters are designed for individual use, while countertop units are designed for larger households.
  • Cost: Watch out for replacement filters that are less than others.  This usually
    means the manufacturer is using low quality medias.  Choose Quality!

Ultimately, the “best” alkaline water filter comes from an established Brand, as they have to maintain their Brand name.  Our research shows that the Pitcher of Life Brand is the Number One Choice!

Product Keypoints

  1. Improved Design: An upgraded 3.8-liter pitcher with enhanced features for perfecting your hydration experience.
  2. Advanced Filter Technology: Superior 6-stage filter removes contaminants while adding essential minerals for improved alkalization and antioxidants.
  3. Long-Lasting Filters: Each filter lasts for 40 gallons or 60 days, providing clean and purified water for an extended period.
  4. Cleaner Drinking Water: Enjoy the benefits of cleaner and purer water with pH levels ranging from 8.5 to 9.5, promoting better health and well-being.
  5. Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring durability and quality for long-term use.
  6. Positive Energy Enhancement: The Flower of Life symbol imbues alkaline mineral water with positive energy, promoting harmony, balance, and overall vitality.


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