EarthTrade's Mission is to provide Solutions that are Environmentally Friendly

We produce the products and results within that framework and manufacture and formulate the highest quality products that are Solutions to Problems.This has been my Mission for the last 27 years

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Our Current Businesses

World's Best Cleaning Agent

We are SolutionHOCL™

Solutions HOCL™ is 103 Times More Effective & Solutions HOCL™ Powder is a Better Value – a One gram packet makes 10 gallons of Liquid Solutions HOCL at a Fraction of the Cost!

HOCL, unlike commercial chlorines, is the only form of chlorine produced naturally by the body. HOCL fights issues on many levels.

Water Analysis

We are Life Water Report

We provide a Free water analysis of the EPA-mandated water report of your City’s water. You will see the difference between what the EPA says is healthy and what is the Truth!


We are Life Sciences Water

Our Company has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for
years. We currently have the best quality water ionizers on the Planet and also
manufacture whole home systems; commercial water ionizers for factory
production; water filters; alkaline water carafes and other water-related products.
Life Sciences Water (LSW) provides all Life ionizer internal and external pre-filters, as well as filters for the Pitchers of Life. The Auto Ship Program is also handled by
LSW as well as Amazon sales, although it is better to buy on the LSW website.


We are Pitcher of Life®

Pitcher of Life Alkaline® Water Filters was founded in 2012 by the Founder of Life Ionizers. He felt there was a need to provide his customers with a portable way to purify and alkalize their drinking water. When they weren’t using their Life lonizer® at their home, they could at least receive some of the benefits of alkaline water with anti-oxidants. Whether traveling, on vacation, or on a budget, the Pitcher of Life® has benefited over 105,000 Customers.


We are Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

One of the first Certified Organic Farms in the United States of America. My first
Organic Farm was in 1982 in the mountains of Southern California, adjacent to the
National Forest. We were part of California Certified Organics Farmers (CCOC).
Before our Certification, we provided produce to local Churches for their
outreach programs. Now 40 years later, | find me on the fertile Big Island of
Hawaii. We are on 25 acres of tropical jungle in the mountains of Hawaii. This is
Agricultural Land or, as we know it, AG Land!


We are Hawaiian Bokashi Inoculant

Soil Science is our way of engineering the soil in our greenhouses, row crops, and orchards. This allows the soil to have a balance of beneficial microorganisms that create a symbiotic relationship between the roots of our plants and trees with the microbes and other beneficial organisms. The micro organisms then convert the nutrients in the soil so they are bioavailable to our plants. In turn the plants feed the micro organisms. This way we can eliminate the need for outside organic fertilizers and other nutrients… and have healthier plants and nutrition! They way Nature intended!

Cleaning Solutions

We are HypoPower

We create the same Super Cleansing Formulation that the White Blood Cells produce as the essential part of our immune system to fight bacteria and mold infections in the body!
It is called HypoChlorus Acid and HypoPower manufactures and generates this miraculous solution in a liquid form and we also have it in a powdered form.
Google “HOCL vs bleach” to confirm HypoPower is 100 to 200 times more effective than bleach. We make a formulation for Catchment and Cistern tanks as well as Swimming Pools and Spas. Environmentally Friendly with hundreds of applications from Hydroponic Tank Cleaner to our Farm’s Duck Ponds

Knowledge is Power

We are Organic Farm Institute

At Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm Institute, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of agriculture and farming. With over 20 years of empowering farmers and enthusiasts, we are dedicated to providing top-notch education and fostering sustainable practices that nurture both the land and your aspirations.

Our legacy is rooted in the fertile volcanic soils of Hawaii, crafting organic solutions to nourish your plants and gardens.

Flower of Life

Unified Consciousness Reality Theory

How to use Universal Consciousness to understand how the Universe really works and how we can participate in Expanding our Consciousness to create a Better Life for ourselves and those around us. When we accomplish this we manifest a Better Planet

Integrating the concepts from “Mind to Matter,” the symbolism of the “Flower of Life,” and related theories such as Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Morphic Resonance, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, the Holographic Universe Theory, Biocentrism, and Transpersonal Psychology, we can formulate a broad, cohesive theory that I’ll call the “Unified Consciousness-Reality Theory.

Our Upcoming Projects

Basil Brothers

Organic Packaged Foods

Herb Doctor

For Mold, Mildew & Mites Eliminates Pesky Grower Problems

Big Island Barter

Barter will be the New Economy

Fresh From Hawaii™

HOCL Cleaning Products Clothing & Apparel Foods from Hawaii

How We work

We look at problems and then figure out How to use technologies and natural ingredients to produce a Solution.

Why Consider our Company’s Products?

  • Best Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • Highest-Quality Ingredients
  • Most Effective Technologies
  • Value-Priced
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Why Choose Us

EarthTrade's Mission is to provide Solutions that are Environmentally Friendly

We produce the best products and results within that framework and manufacture and formulate the highest quality. This has been my Mission for the last 42 years.

We look at problems and then figure out how to use technologies and natural ingredients to produce a Solution. Why Consider Our Company’s Products?

  1. Best Eco-Friendly Solution
  2. Highest-Quality Ingredients
  3. Most Effective Technologies
  4. Value-Priced
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  6. Environmental & Life Solution
Fun Fact

Our Company by Number

These numbers represent our Dedication to this Planet!

My Great Grandparents arrived in Hawaii
Number of years in Organic Farming
Number of years in Water Purification
Number of years on this Planet

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Raw Food Life Style Educational Center

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