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Solutions HOCL

Cistern Tank Cleaner - 100 Grams

Cistern Tank Cleaner - 100 Grams

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Powered by HOCl Crystals" Cistern Bomb - Super Clean & Purify your Cistern Tank. Google "HOCl World's Best Cistern Tank Cleaner" & "HOCl vs bleach" to Confirm these Facts

The SolutionsHOCL Cistern Bomb is an Extremely Efficient method to Super Purify the water in your Cistern tank. Five hundred grams will Super-purify the water in your 5,000-gallon tank. Adjust the amount according to the size of the tank

The goal is to Super Purify your drinking and household water and to also neutralize mold and mildew odors and stains. Plus you want to neutralize and destroy any unwanted organisms in the catchment tank’s water.

New – Super Purify and Clean your Cistern Tank: Powered by HOCL World Health Organization: “HOCL has emerged in the current pandemic as the most potent & environmentally safe” purifier available We formulate our SolutionsHOCL Crystals using HOCL in our Proprietary Formula.
Google “HOCL vs bleach” to Confirm HOCL is 103 Times More Effective than bleach
Comes in a Resealable Foil Packet with Zip Lock Top + Free Scooper included

How does SolutionsHOCL work to clean up your Cistern Tank?

  • The Unhealthy Targets that we want to eliminate or neutralize, protect themselves by generating a negative electrical force field.
  • They are also at a Neutral pH so they reject anything that is too Alkaline.
  • Bleach and other cleaning chemicals have a Negative Electrical Charge.
  • What happens when two negative poles of a magnet are put together? They REPEL each other!
  • So when you use bleach or other cleaning chemicals they REPEL each other & the bleach is ineffective because it has a Negative Electrical Charge.
  • The bleach and other cleaning chemicals are also REPELLED because they have a HIGH pH of 11 or higher, so the target cells repel them even more.
  • SolutionsHOCL’s HOCl formulation has a NEUTRAL ELECTRICAL CHARGE. The target actually thinks this liquid is a food source and takes it in through Osmosis.

The SolutionsHOCL Cistern Cleaner also has a NEUTRAL pH, and this further enhances the absorption, and the Target is neutralized.

Drop in a scoop of  SolutionsHOCL Cistern Bomb – Cistern Tank Cleaner, 1 scoop per 1,000 gallons, and let sit for 30 minutes. Then take a net and scoop out any floating organic matter, which will consist of the once-living, now-dead matter. This shows that all the unwanted matter in the Cistern tank is neutralized. The water is now Deep Cleaned, Sanitation at its Best: and ready to safely drink or bathe in. Google “World Health Organization recommends HOCl for cleaning up your water” to Confirm these Facts.

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