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Pitcher of Life

Auto Ship Glass Pitcher of Life - F007 Ultra Replacement Filter - 3 Filters Bundle

Auto Ship Glass Pitcher of Life - F007 Ultra Replacement Filter - 3 Filters Bundle

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  • ULTRA EFFICIENT MULTI STAGES FILTERATION Advanced Double System of Super Fine Filters that remove contaminants & particles of rust, silt & sand, while allowing HEALTHY ALKALINE MINERALS like magnesium & calcium to pass through with LARGEST CAPACITY of any Alkaline Water Pitcher = 1500 cups/360 Liters/96 gallons per Advance Filter
  • KINETIC DEGRADATION FLUXION (KDF) Advanced Technologies utilization to remove Heavy Metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • REMOVES CHLORAMINES, DANGEROUS CHLORINE & addresses fluoride. Increases the pH, alkalinity, of the drinking water, and also reduces the -ORP for additional health benefits
  • THIS SPECIALLY TREATED WATER provides more absorbable alkaline minerals & trace elements for a healthier drinking water. All this is possible by Utilizing an Advanced and Super-Efficient mixture of multiple blends of healthy materials
  • OPTIONAL STATE OF THE ART ULTRA FILTERATION (UF) is an advanced filter system that removes the smallest particle from the water for those who want the ultimate filtration. Note: this will SLOW the water flow of your Pitcher of Life, so You have to BE PATIENT to receive the benefits of Super Filtration PROVIDE YOUR FAMILY with purified, filtered, alkaline mineral drinking water with our replacement filters for your new Glass Pitcher of Life alkaline water filtration system
  • NSF Certified: Carbon Media is NSF 41 and NSF61 Certified
  • Over 3,000,000 of our Healthy Alkaline Filters have been purchased by our Life Customers. Life Water Products are "Built to Last

DISCLAIMER: This is an Ultra filter for very fine particulate filtration. It is designed to remove 99% of unwanted traces from your drinking water and because of this, IT WILL BE SLOW compared to the regular filter

FOOD GRADE BPA FREE, NSF & WQA APPROVED, SGS CERTIFIED so you know they are of the Highest Quality. Our High-Quality replacement filters come in single packs and money-saving 3-packs will be shipped by 18th of October, 2023

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