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Solutions HOCL

Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner with Tea Tree Essential Oil

Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner with Tea Tree Essential Oil

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500-gram powdered version of SolutionsHOCL Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner with Tea Tree Essential Oil that makes 25 gallons of cleaning solution.

1360.78 grams of the powder would produce approximately 68 gallons of produce cleaner.

Explore the innovative approach of the SolutionsHOCL Vegetable and Fruit Cleaning Solution, thoughtfully formulated with ingredients like Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and other Proprietary Ingredients. This Blend is designed to assist in the preparation of your produce, focusing on enhancing cleanliness and freshness by removing unwanted contaminants on your produce.

Key Attributes:

  • Contributes to Cleanliness: Our Solution aims to assist in reducing the presence of undesired surface particles on fruits and vegetables, making them ready to enjoy.
  • Enhances Freshness: The inclusion of specific ingredients supports the freshness of your produce, aiding in their overall preparation for consumption.
  • Sensory Experience: Tea Tree Essential Oil adds a dimension of freshness, contributing to the enjoyable sensory experience of using SolutionsHOCL
  • Produce Cleaning Solution.

Usage and Application:

This solution is designed to be dissolved in water, offering a flexible way to apply it either as a spray or in a bowl for rinsing your produce. It's suitable for a variety of fruits and vegetables, enhancing their preparation for your table.

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